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We are at the ISSA 2019 Trade Show Convention in Las Vegas and having an amazing time. One of the most challenging things at a trade show is standing out. Whether you’re at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) or the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, attendees enjoy interactive booths.

We’ve all been to wedding or corporate parties that featured photo booth, which are always a lot of fun. They bring people out of their shells, shake things up, and provide a nice souvenir of the event. A critical element to this success is the use of props to liven the environment. Novelty hats and glasses, signs featuring the event’s hashtag, and depictions of emojis are often among the most popular. If you’re stepping things up for your event and moving into motion with a video booth, do the same props measure up? They can be great, but a video dance booth, 360 degree video booth, or red carpet video setup can get more likes and views by using some of these video-perfect props:

A spinning disco ball is a simple prop that isn’t too retro for a fancy party. As it turns and catches the lights, it adds flare and sparkle to the video that stands out as guests dance around it, captured in slow motion. Make it rain with prop money! Dozens of online shops sell custom currency that can be printed with the names and picture of the bride and groom, promotional material for your brand launch, or just company contact information and rate sheet. People will love playing at the big life, throwing around hundred dollar bills with your company logo and then putting the video up on their Instagram. If your event is outdoors, try squirt guns and water balloons. Nothing will liven up a non-traditional wedding shower or graduation party faster! Videos of bursting balloons and shocked recipients of water projectiles will make everyone’s social media feed highlights. People won’t forget it!

Adding motion to your props to go along with motion for your memories when using video instead of opting for just another photo booth. If you’re looking for the right amount of wow factor, consider the premiere dance bot in Texas, Red Carpet Robot. Our video dance bot livens up any party, expo, wedding, or corporate event.

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